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AKompas Brno offers immediate (within 5 min ) non-bank international as well as domestic money transfers via WESTERN UNION Monday – Saturday to almost all the countries by means of cash deposits and withdrawals. You can send crowns (CZK) or American dollars (USD) from Akompas Brno. The recipient is paid the currency according to the sender’s choice and the offer of Western Union for that state: usually the local currency, American dollars or Euros. Neither the recipient nor the sender needs a bank account. If the money is paid in dollars, it is more advantageous to send dollars, because you save on the exchange in the current exchange rates valid for Western Union and there is a lower fee. To send money the sender needs to have a valid ID (identity card, passport, driving license) and know the name of the recipient and the state where he/she at present is. To withdraw money the recipient needs a valid ID (not always) and to know the sender’s name, the sending country, number of the transfer and the amount to be paid.

Our address: AKompas, Brno, Štefánikova 51 – entrance from Šumavská.

Open Monday - Friday: 9 - 12, 14 - 17h. Outside the opening hours open after phone arrangement.

For more information call: 732 744 679 or 541 236 975.

Inzerent:AKompas s.r.o.
Telefon:732 744 679
Telefon 2:541 236 975
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